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The Challenges We Face Today Are Making History

Out of billions of people in the world, I can guarantee you everyone has battles to fight - even the richest,

The Challenges We Face Today Are Making History

Out of billions of people in the world, I can guarantee you everyone has battles to fight - even the richest

Out of billions of people in the world, I can guarantee you everyone has battles to fight - even the richest, the most beautiful, the most intelligent, or the most carefree. These challenges could stretch anyone for a day, a week, a month, and a lifetime. But the thing is, how will you know if you’re getting through the fight the best way you could? And why does it matter?

The obstacles we face today are probably the pain in the a** that we’re just currently trying to spoof away from our plates. Yet, if you try to see your challenge in a wider perspective, whatever actions you take, whichever path you’ll venture, and whatever it is that you’re trying to solve, it determines what change or mark you are opting to leave in the world.

While reading this, you’d probably have these thoughts in mind…

I don’t care
Not interested to leave any “blah blah” mark in the world
Not my job to make something amazing in the history
I have so many things going on, worrying about making history hits my to-do list from zero to none.
RIGHT, why would you care anyway?

It is just tiny dust and a thin air thought until you think more about it -- considering your ways in facing challenges matters. Your habits, decision-making, and solutions are shaping your history. And frankly, when the time comes that you’ll be caught up with the same challenge again, there's a big possibility that such circumstances will just be on the familiar loop again and again.

We sometimes think that the past can’t bother us anymore when we’re forgetting what brought us to that kind of situation in the first place. How you handled or managed your previous problems could be a key to your future obstacles or a door to another crisis. You need to understand that history has the power to repeat itself when you feed it with poor choices and unhealthy decisions.

For instance, if you have been meaning to tell your partner that you’re barely getting things all together and you need to take a breather, you have these choices:

I’ll just keep my concerns for a while. I don’t want to be a burden to my husband. It would be better to hide it and not add to our family problems.
I think I’m just overreacting. Maybe this feeling is just a silly thing. I’m a woman. I’m expected to carry these responsibilities gracefully all the time. It would be a shame to bother my partner.
I’d talk to my partner and explain my current situation. Things are not going well with me lately and I want to face these concerns as early as possible before this affects our kids and our marriage.
If you chose A, it means you are trying to be the shield. This shield may look like you are protecting your family from conflicts but you’re actually encouraging rust to nurture in your home. Hiding your pain or problem is planting a potential torment for you and your family. Trust me, you’re not protecting anyone.

If you chose B, there’s a chance you are becoming the mask. You want to pretend everything’s fine and so you wear this mask to achieve that fake reality. You think you are wired to be “perfect” all the time and removing your mask will just ruin everything. Just when you realize you are managing your situation is the moment your mask has been blocking you from seeing the truth.

If you chose C, it means you are likely the sword. Revealing it might be risky and unpleasant but you know there’s no better time to wield a certain struggle you’re experiencing. Although it comes in sharp representation, it can’t hurt your partner and your relationship as a family when you know just how to fight and face your challenge.

Make history your future self would thank you for.

With love,

Eva Martins

PS: You can have the best goals, dreams, strategies in the world, and the best efforts to make them happen, but if you have an unconscious limiting belief then it will be harder for you to make a decision and use your power to face your challenges. Thus, affects the journey you’re trying to take and the history you’re meant to build.

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