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6 Signs You Are Not Realizing Your Potential

Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you going beyond your comfort zone every day?

Are you living your life to the fullest? Are you going beyond your comfort zone every day? Or you know deep inside of you, you could achieve much more in life. You have a calling for more but you do not know how to realize it.

Tell you what. You are not the only one taking this road. Every day, more and more women feel confused about what they are truly capable of. And it's not always your fault. Environments such as workplaces, schools, and even homes have the power to box you.

You might think that everything is normal until you slowly noticing that a lot of factors that are constantly breaking you are coming from the aspects of your life that you thought were 'fine'. These limiting beliefs and unhealthy environments can make you question your inner purpose and true potential.

Our life is a reflection of our inner story, our inner beliefs, our experience. The only path towards realizing our true potential is through self-awareness and self-acceptance. If these things are not yet on the surface, it's because you have been hindered by the factors that are suppressing your growth -- the B.S.!

You deserve a safe space where you can fully express yourself.

For instance, companies should focus on creating a healthy environment for people to flourish instead of trying to protect themselves. Happiness in the workplace increases exponentially commitment, effectiveness, and results. In a study of 17,000 individuals worldwide, the Hay Group Research found that 19 percent of women executives interviewed exhibited self-awareness as compared to 4 percent of their male counterparts.

Independently of the gender, there is still a long journey of conscious leadership to navigate through. And yes ladies, apparently we are still battling our way to finally be called executives, not 'female executives'. Unfortunately, it's hard for some people to understand one EASY thing.

Be aware of such toxic enablers and always choose to rise beyond the limits that the others set for you. But before you can unlock the door to your breakthrough, you have to figure out the signs that are stopping you from your potential.

1.Life is no fun.

You wake up in the morning without feeling passionate or excited to jump out of bed. You focus more on what you HAVE to do instead of what would make you happy. Life for you is full of commitments and responsibilities and there is no space for fun and time to do things that you love.

Question: When was the last time you had fun at work?

How to overcome:

Try to jot down your to-do list. Prioritize the ones that bring you the most impact AND make you feel the most excited about. Leave behind the urgent irrelevant to do’s.

2.You trade inspiration & innovation to execution

You might know you have different ideas and thoughts but you prioritize doing what others are expecting from you. It gives you a sense of control and safety. The thought of feeling unsafe makes you panic.

Question: When was the last time you took the risk to stand up for your ideas without feeling uncomfortable?

How to overcome:

Fulfillment comes with the amount of uncertainty you can cope with. Try to understand which are your deepest fears? What the worst could happen if you would lose control of your life? When was the last time you felt unsafe? What happened?

3.You feel a lot of social pressure & afraid of others judgment

You constantly step back. You love feeling others' appreciation, and would not dare to go against it. You seek belonging and social acceptance. You are extremely demanding in yourself, never happy with your achievements. Hey, being a YES person is not always the way!

Question: When was the last time you celebrated yourself, celebrated your achievements?

How to overcome:

The path to freedom is self-love, self-confidence, and trust. You might ask how, well, by deep diving into your unconscious and understanding which are the beliefs that are constantly running and maybe reinforcing that “you are not good enough”, “not smart enough”...Silence these noises and start believing in yourself more.

4.You feel you could achieve more, but something is preventing you.

You know deep down inside of yourself that you could do more, you could achieve more, but you lack the self-confidence to go for it. You prefer to follow the conventional path instead of creating your own. You feel frustrated at times with yourself and your life but would feel even more anxious in taking a step to change it.

Question:When was the last time you do something brave for yourself?

How to overcome:

Instead of counting the reasons why you can't, focus on the things that prove YOU CAN. Accept that you are capable of doing amazing things in life. There could be a lot of things you can't do yet there is also stuff only you can make possible.

5.You are not in control of your life.

Your quest for appreciation and acceptance leads you to fulfill others' expectations instead of your wishes and dreams. You might even sacrifice yourself at times, trying to be the best partner, best parent, best peer, best friend, best manager. By trying to be the best you are comparing yourself to others which ultimately only leads to disappointment and frustration.

Question: What would happen if you would take the lead of your life, your career?

How to overcome:

Start by accepting yourself, by being authentic, and release the need to be perfect as you no longer obey others' rules or expectations. You free yourself from constant anxiety and frustration and take control of your feelings and emotions. Your life is a reflection of your inner state.

6.You would keep your thoughts or ideas for yourself

You might be in a conversation or a meeting but you prefer to listen than share promptly your ideas until someone else voices them and you feel frustrated with yourself. You might even feel your throat burning, your stomach tight. You are burning to share your idea but you do not dare.

Question: When was the first time you shared your thoughts openly and felt criticized and judged? How were you feeling? What did you assume?

How to overcome:

Acknowledge that sharing your thoughts is not a question of life or death, ignore the thought that others might have different perspectives -- it is ok. Diversity is a key success factor in any team and environment. And remember any time you fear others' judgment is because you are judging yourself so much that you cannot cope with more.

The journey towards fulfillment, passion, excitement in life is an inner journey. You cannot always change your environment but you can start by changing yourself, embracing your natural gifts, accepting your inner strengths and your inner shadows. Recognizing all of them and turn each imperfection into your ultimate and authentic power. The external environment is only a reflection of our inner story…

No one can steal your potential and your TRUTH unless you let them.


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