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A Simple Question to Get You Unstuck

Living life to the fullest isn’t all peaches and roses. And the highs and lows just prove how it

Living life to the fullest isn’t all peaches and roses. And the highs and lows just prove how it can be daunting yet joyful on most days. But what if you’re neither? What if you feel stuck in your current situation? Can you pass through it? Can you move on? Can you ESCAPE? You might not recognize this now but sometimes people get stuck in a situation because they limit their own potential.

Most of the time, the fear of embracing your true power is the sole reason why you can’t unleash the brave soul within. Before I reveal a powerful question that can crush all your hesitations, let me tell you that there are so many factors why you feel stuck at the moment. In your workplace, for example, you may subconsciously project into an environment that closely resembles the relationship dynamic you had with the authority figure while you’re young.

How was your relationship with your dad? Did he see you, recognized your efforts, or you felt invisible? Was he pushy and judgmental or accepting and celebrating you and your achievements? Were you not appreciated at home?People need to stop treating family wounds as little “Daddy issues”. Kids could carry this until adulthood and still pains them as if it happened just yesterday. Hence, if you are a victim of an awful past, what you’re feeling right now is pretty understandable and does not make you less strong. However, don’t let the scars define your future. You have a chance to change your story - maybe not from the beginning - but starting from the present. These fears of others’ judgment, fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, and appreciated are pure chaos that only YOU can silence.

While life has its own way of bringing you to your knees, this simple question is the key to ride the waves better than you used to be: What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Jumping into the heights of the unknown may scare the hell out of you but I tell you, it’s not all of it. There’s MORE, you are more. Think about the other side of your fear and the endless possibilities just by saying yes to freedom.

Ask yourself…

If I cut unhealthy relationships in my life, what will happen?

I’d be walking around without heavy baggage.

I’ll tell my boss I won’t be silenced just because he used his toxic masculinity against me.

I will soar high for every woman who walks out of an unhealthy place where growth is suppressed.

If I choose to set boundaries for family members who make me feel lonely, even if I’m not alone.

I will accept the fact that family can be toxic too.

If I try to unleash my power to the world and there seems to be no place.

I know I’ll always be heard because I believe in myself -- and this is all I need.

And so... What’s the worst thing that can happen?

With love,


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