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How do you know if your life is currently STUCK? Check out the early signs NOW!

Would you like to learn why as women we feel less and stuck? Why we do not go for the opportunity and take the risks to make...

I don't know if you’re seeing this but if everything looks suffocating, let me be the one who’ll break it to you. YOU ARE STUCK. And yes, it sucks. Although I’m not visiting your email box to say that it’s okay, I’m here to say THERE’S A WAY.

For over the years, I’ve met women coming from various hardships that they never thought they’d go through. I can relate to each woman as I too have my own story to tell.
If you’ve been part of my community long enough then you probably had a peek at my life story but this time I want to highlight when there’s no way to go for me and the only ‘convenient’ alternative to do was just to give up or so I thought…

I will never forget the day I woke up and felt that I had no more feelings. There was no feeling of connection anymore. I was doing more and more every day and it was never enough. Everything was a struggle.

Doing my best at work and feeling exhausted, coming back home to pick up the kids, play with them, giving them a bath, preparing the dinner, reading stories to allow them to fall asleep and feeling more and more alone and sad inside of myself…not being able to express it, not feeling understood, not feeling heard either…and all of this with constant arguments that it was not enough, having to be a beautiful, smiley wife and always ready for him… I was there for everyone… except for myself.

I started a new journey of conscious self-discovery, uncovering mind programs, patterns and beliefs which were limiting instead of empowering me. I began to understand the misconceptions of life. We spend so much energy trying to change our environment when the solution is inside of us.

In this story, do you find yourself in my shoes? Will you let your life run in a hopeless loop over and over again?

I used to believe I was not good enough then I understood I was just seeking for growth, challenging myself internally to be at my best every day. The sole purpose of our life is to grow, to learn and overcome our inner limitations so step towards inner freedom.

For our subconscious mind it doesn't really matter if the situation we go through is perceived as negative or positive, dramatic or fulfilling as long as we grow and overcome our inner challenges. The fact that we co-create those situations is only because of our inner thoughts and limiting beliefs. If I believe that I am not good enough, I am going to attract situations to prove myself, the problem is that we are always going to reaffirm the initial limiting belief unless we change it.

My life changed when I was able to deep dive into my subconscious mind and uncover the belief that I was not good enough and change it to I am more than good enough (it takes minutes when we identify the core foundational belief), as a result my life changed completely starting with more inner peace, happiness and satisfaction. I started to consciously choose the challenges I wanted to be part of instead of being a consequence of them and having much more self confidence to say no to others, say no to certain challenges, and saying yes to new possibilities!

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Stay tuned for more #StoriesOfWomenFromStuckToUnstoppable and find comfort in knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

With love,
Eva Martins

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