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The Toxic Habit of Comparing Yourself to Others

Since when does a person start to get desperate in being the best? What does ‘best’ actually mean?

The Toxic Habit of Comparing Yourself to Others

Since when does a person start to get desperate in being the best? What does ‘best’ actually mean?...

Since when does a person start to get desperate in being the best? What does ‘best’ actually mean? Look around and observe your environment, yourself, and your actions. Little by little, you’ll realize you are slowly losing some part of you while gathering answers of why you are not someone you expected to be or not half of the person you idolized.

By comparing yourself to others you will always have an inner voice telling yourself that you are not perfect, not as good as others -- and so you will never be the best that you could be. Your idea of being the best is tailored by other people’s success and it would take time to wake up from such an illful daydream especially when you’re so drawn in putting yourself in a competition.

Why do people do this? Why do you think you’re practising this toxic habit? Are you getting anything so far? Does it feel good to set yourself like an item in a grocery store?

Our soul has a quest for growth, a quest for adventure, a quest for learning and evolving, attracting sub-consciously challenges so it ensures we are growing. Human as we are, that’s purely normal. But while it resonates our hunger for change and improvement, things could lead astray if we don’t have the courage to face our real power, our natural gifts.

People who tend to oftenly compare themselves to others still have a large proportion of the ‘lacking mindset’: not good enough, low self esteem, and drained of self confidence. These limiting beliefs are so powerful we can even project them into our life.

The only way to change those challenges is changing the point of attraction, changing our inner beliefs of not being good enough and accepting ourselves. We will then co-create positive challenges which bring excitement instead of anxiety.

On this part right here, we’re going to break down the common limiting beliefs that have been causing you to lose faith in yourself and end up comparing your life with others’.

‘I don’t have the same potential as my co-worker. I’ll never get promoted.’
You have your own strength and set of skills. Use them to ace your work day hustle.

‘Her life is so much better than mine. I wish I had that kind of life.’
Everyone has struggles and challenges one has to go through. Sometimes what you see is not the sight of a whole picture. Get a grip of your own life and choose to stand up.

‘Why are these unfortunate things happening to me?’
Not all events in our lives come in a blinding and glittery gift box. It is designed to have ups and downs for us to strengthen our core and be our own protector.

I’m not here to convince you that you are being your best. Even if I have to say it a gazillion times, you will still end up feeling less if you yourself do not believe it. But I will leave you with this…

YOU reached the journey this far…

YOU stood still in the darkest times of your life…

YOU constantly use your strength to be with your loved ones…

YOU fought through…

And so the next time you compare yourself to others, think of the times when you’ve given it all, when you managed to pass through the storm alone, and when you hardly survived.

You are a warrior within and no definition of ‘best’ can ever change it.

With love,

Eva Martins

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