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How to Defeat Impostor Syndrome Every Time

Do you hear the voices of critics everytime you step into a new job?...

Do you hear the voices of critics everytime you step into a new job? Have you tried holding yourself up for an opportunity because you suddenly feel "you're not good enough"? Ask no more, as you're about to knock down the bully in you -- the impostor syndrome.

It's quite a bummer when a big door has opened and yet you can't even get any closer. This is because the impostor syndrome is working its way to trick you from getting past your doubts and limiting beliefs.

In order to confront your impostor syndrome, you must cut off its roots by deep diving into your confidence, your principles, and your current perspective. It crawls and feeds the fear inside you to pile up, blinding you from seeing the truth. Never let it consume you!

Here’s a few things to help you defeat the impostor syndrome;

Achieve clarity. Enjoy the benefits of running your life on a pedestal with clearer vision. It would be easier for you to know where you’ll go and what you truly deserve when the nuisances in your life are filtered leaving only the things that can be of use to steer away from such a toxic trait.

Recognize your weaknesses and strengths. Being aware of your own strengths and weaknesses could be empowering and embarrassing for some. But how bad can it be when these points can be turned into potential assets for you to crush the impostor syndrome once and for all.

Believe that what’s meant for you will always find its way to you. There’s a reason behind your promotion, the new job you just claimed, and the blessings that are coming to you. Claim each of them and find yourself realizing you’re beyond worth it.

The impostor syndrome is called “impostor” for a reason. It does not define you. This bully is just producing noise in your head to shift your focus and protect you from discomfort. And so why wait for another day to crush down your impostor syndrome? Do it today and you’ll be surprised how fighting the impostor syndrome can bring you wonder and free you up...until your next glass ceiling.

With love,

Eva Martins

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