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How far can you go in making relationships work?

Family members, friends, or significant others -- how willing are you to cross oceans for them? When we love the people around...

Family members, friends, or significant others -- how willing are you to cross oceans for them? When we love the people around us, their well-being matters most and sometimes more than the care that we gave to ourselves. Do you think this is healthy?

I mean you are also a human, pretty much just like the ones you’re SACRIFICING for. But can you even recognize if you’re already burning yourself?
Are you sure that you’re not just STUCK with the idea of being able to be there for everyone -- even at your expense?

Relationships are give and take. However, if you have to demand it to get it, you’ll know you’re just wasting your time. Let’s face it. We can be martyrs in our own rights but some things (and people) are not just worth fighting for. #StoriesOfWomenFromStuckToUnstoppable

Amarah came from a family of successful medical professionals. Being the only artist within her folks, pushing through with photography was one of the biggest battles she has to fight for. Although she is aware that achieving the prime of her career takes a lot of effort in her chosen path, all she wanted from her family was love and support.
Sadly, the only person who believed in her until the end is herself.

We usually think that the people we grow up with will be our allies in tough times but they could also be the antagonists who keep dragging you down.
Amarah entered one of our sessions where she learned to explore her core and manage the heavy emotions that kept her trapped for years. She needed to be the hero for herself and so she did.

Today, Amarah is the owner of one of the most sought-after photography studios in France affiliated with many famous and celebrity clients. According to this superwoman, she can’t imagine where she’d be now if she did not choose to continue and escape the limiting belief she and her own family tried to instill.

In this story, do you find yourself in the shoes of Amarah? Will you let your life run in a hopeless loop over and over again?

Learning the story of Amarah is like reliving my past struggles. However, whenever I go back to my core, I realize the TRUTH in me should be unleashed. It also means that I don’t have to suppress what I’m trying to say to the world around me. I believe women have a voice that needs to be heard. I believe we all have a voice, we all have dreams, we all have secret wishes, we all have goals but how often do we express them? How often do we allow ourselves to go for them? We spend our time compromising with the fear of being judged, with the fear of no sense of belongingness, but imagine a world where we would inspire our kids to dream and express themselves? Imagine a world where everybody regardless of gender, race, color, country, disability…would have a voice and would empower themselves in expressing it for the highest good of themselves. A world where I want to live and inspire my kids to live in!

Join our community of empowered women in Global Women Leadership Academy FB page to get warm support and have a safe venue where you can truly express your own story.

Stay tuned for more #StoriesOfWomenFromStucktoUnstoppable and find comfort in knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

With love,
Eva Martins

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