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Remembering one of my inspirations Yasmin

Remembering collaboration, partnership, friendship, caring, support, women power, love,..

Remembering one of my inspirations Yasmin

Remembering collaboration, partnership, friendship, caring, support,
women power, love

Remembering collaboration, partnership, friendship, caring, support, women power, love, fun and laughter. Today as I was meditating, I remembered someone so close to my heart that missing her hurts…

We often forget our mission, our sense of duty to the world and how we can contribute to a better place. Yasmin was all of this for me. My safe place to go to get energy, courage, to feel replenished.

She was my mentor, my sister, my second mum, my unconditional support, my best friend…and always there for me.

She taught me bravery, how to go for my dreams and why it was so important, and what pure selfless contribution to others means. She did all she could to help women to rise up, to love themselves, to feel empowered to achieve more in life, to be happy with themselves and not only through others. She died a few years ago with an aggressive cancer and far too young. You will forever be in my heart.

Few people have a huge impact in our life. Yasmin was one of them, pure unconditional love showing me that my path was much bigger than I could imagine, showing me how to be brave and move forward independently of other’s judgment. At that time, I could not believe it, today I start getting it. It is not about your status or what you get financially, or what you achieve in your career. It is about how much you contribute to others and how much fulfillment you get from it. By truly serving others you achieve much more in life.

Today I have clarity what my mission is. I was born to inspire other women to step up, to accept themselves, to embrace their feminine power, to contribute to a better world. I get my energy from the transformation I spark in others, from giving them the safe space to show their real and authentic gifts and to shine. Reconnecting with the leader inside of them allows them to take the right decisions and right actions which brings much more joy, love and fulfillment. It is much bigger than me…I am just the facilitator. Yes, I have acquired thousands of skills as I am driven by self-growth, but above all it is all about genuinely caring for others, creating a safe space for their own successful transformation and guiding them through it.

That is why I have written my book. Not because I wanted to be best seller, not because I wanted to prove something to others, but because I wanted to prove myself I could step beyond my fears to be there for others, to be an example to other women, to colleagues, to friends, to my kids, to inspire them that it is all BS in our minds that stops us, not others.

That’s why I am planning the webinar November 12…to give it all….to tell you stop believing the BS of your mind. You are much bigger than your fears and the impact you have in the world is much bigger than what you can imagine. By taking action you inspire another human being in doing the same.

I take action everyday thinking of other women I can inspire. Yes, I will be judged but who cares. Yes people will not love what I do, but who cares. Yes, it is still super scary and that’s ok. If we all play small, if we all hide ourselves, the world will never change. I do not want to feel that I have wasted my life, wasted an opportunity to create an impact and help others.

True fulfillment comes from contribution.

So, do you want to waste an opportunity to feel more reconnected with yourself, do you want to waste an opportunity to change your life, do you want to waste your life because of getting stuck with your fears? Because you give more importance to other’s judgment instead of your own happiness? Just imagine you are 90 and look back at your life, how do you feel? Content you had the courage to step up or feeling you have missed it?

Independently of what you do, just act, love your fears as your best friends, they are here to protect you.

It is not about me, it is not about you, it is about the impact you might have in your own life, in other’s life….

This is an invitation from a place of pure caring. If you want to change at least one thing in your life, if you want to know who you really are underneath the discomfort (in case you tell yourself you have no fears…), and what you want or what you can achieve in your life, come and join me November 12th at 7pm…I am here for you

This is life calling you to step up

With love


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