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You might feel….

Why is it never enough? Why do I never feel enough? You might feel that no matter how much effort you put you do not seem breaking your own Glass ceiling. No matter how hard you work, you feel you are not recognized & valued as you would wish.

You try to be perfect in all areas of your life, but it never feels enough…You are exhausted.

I hear you, I feel you….I have been there!


You see people around you who seem to have it all, the perfect family, the perfect life, the perfect job. They seem happy and fulfilled and you wonder why not you?



It’s that they are aware of two main factors that allow them to co-create the life of their dreams:

1.Take action

2.Work on your mindset, fears and perceived limitations


Because here is the truth… 

The world is changing, we cannot change the past and the future is just a reflection of the decisions we take TODAY! Believing you need to suffer to be happy is the biggest lie we were told!


Look the world is changing, more than ever we are asked to adapt, to be flexible, to grow…things will not go back to how they were before. You have now an opportunity to take a step back, reflect and free yourself from all your self-imposed limitations to co-create the life you secretly dream of. 

This is not only how you will make a big shift in your life right NOW but also how you will ensure you achieve all your goals and dreams. 


Unlock your SuperPowers and your life NOW


If you sign up to the 4-week coaching package you will:

  • Uncover who you are really underneath your limitations and the masks you put on

  • Reclame your unique gifts and Superpowers

  • See clearly what you really want to achieve in life, what would make you feel fulfilled

  • Identify what blocks you (fears, limiting believes, traumas, past experiences)

  • Change those blocks effortlessly and fast to see an impact in your life NOW

  • Take action towards the life of your dreams

  • Get all the support you need during, before and after the session, I am there with you!

  • Feel fulfilled with your life today instead of tomorrow

  • Be fully supported in the process. You are not alone!

  • And much more

Introducing the Break the Glass Ceiling coaching package

“But I am not sure I should invest in myself right now?


This is simply not true. When is the right time? Is there ever a right time? How many times have you put others before yourself? How many times have you put other’s priorities before yours? When are you going to take action for yourself? I hope not too late, as the past is gone and the future depends on the decisions you take today….




















Eva is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to grow professionally or personally. She lives her life with passion, strong determination and with a true commitment to help others to unleash their dreams. 


Eva combines her own personal experiences and wisdom with a lot of training and world class courses she has absolved which makes her a unique coach. Be ready to have fun while you discover a better version of yourself and start seeing the world around you with new eyes!.”

— Myriam Vanscheit, Switzerland

Here is How Break the Glass Ceiling Package Works


I have combined many tested and proven methodologies I have learnt over the last 20 years to support you: Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional reframing, the Journey Method, Thetahealing (Basic, Advance, Manifesting, Intuitive Anatomy, Disease and Disorders, Game of life, World relations and many more…as practitioner and teacher), Tony Robbins certified coach, Meditation teacher….And I have adapted and combined the process with my own experience as a mother, a wife, a female business leader, a teacher, and having coached thousands of sessions to help you create tangible and fast results in your life now.


You’ll get:


  • A package of 4 sessions purposefully designed to get you through your inner transformation

  • Continuous direct support from me during the 4 weeks through email, WhatsApp and Facebook

  • Access to my private Facebook group community where we can support each other

  • Receive a short meditation for busy people to support you daily

  • Receive the first Chapter of my best-selling book Stop believing the BS! for free

  • And more

Break the Glass Ceiling Coaching Package


The Premium package includes 4 sessions

  • PLUS continuous WhatsApp support during the next 4 weeks

  • PLUS possibility of a fast track with more sessions per week for faster impact


CHF 980



When you thrive, everybody wins


By taking this step forward, you are not only helping yourself…You are also helping your kids, your spouse, your team, your business, your family financials and much more as you finally make the most of your unique SuperPowers!

Imagine how your environment could benefit if you would speak freely, increase the family financials thanks to your sudden promotion, deeply connect with your spouse, be open and present with your kids…be happy and fulfilled with yourself. By taking action you inspire other women and men in doing the same. You inspire your kids to go for their dreams instead of playing small…


So this is much bigger than you.


You have a chance right now to change the tone of your future, of the future of your environment, of the people you interact with on your day to day, of your kids.


Plus, if you join the Break the Glass Ceiling, you are directly supporting some of the most impoverished children in the world who are in need of love, education and support, because 10% of the revenue goes directly to the Cambodian Children’s Fund



Read this carefully


The Break the Glass Ceiling Package has no refund policy.


I believe it would help you find excuses for not taking action, for waiting for others to solve your problems. If it is what you would expect then this package is not for you.

The Break the Glass Ceiling is packed full of value, but you need to be willing to take action, to trust the process,to step up and be fully open to your inner transformation. It is the only way to unlock your life, NOW.