You’ve just experienced profound shifts in breaking your self-limiting beliefs. 
Are you ready to go deeper and unlock your true potential? 

A deep and insightful journey into your life and soul with my signature program - 
Thrive with No BS

Achieve your life goals with a clear and effective system to cut through the B.S. that’s holding you back.

“After working with Eva, my life changed completely. She gives you the strength to push forward but without struggle. I don't know how to describe it. It's magical. She is just magical.”

Gabriella Juan

Do you feel at a crossroads?

This next phase of your life has unlimited potential for growth as long as you re-align with your true and powerful identity. 

Imagine being able to identify and overcome major limiting beliefs and roadblocks as they arise, rather than be dictated to by them. 

Imagine going on a deep and insightful journey into your life and soul - giving you transformational power that you can apply to your life in all circumstances.

It’s all possible, but you have to...


Instead...Change yourself from the inside and watch your Life transform

Some powerful changes my clients have seen as a result of working with me include:

How My Program 
Has Changed 
The Lives Of These Women:


Experience a profound dive into your subconscious world

By the end of our time together you will learn how to:

 Identify and then release the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life. 

 Access your subconscious mind to change your limiting beliefs and past experiences.  

 Take inspired action to confidently get exactly what you want, when you want it  

Get access to my entire transformational methodology - all the content, training, tools and techniques I’ve distilled from over 20 years of self-development.

My mentors are some of the most powerful coaches in the world today.

Discover how to apply what you learn to your everyday experience. 

By the end of our time together, you’ll have learned how to use these tools yourself. 

You become independent, and empowered to be your own coach and guide.

I work with you directly to access your subconscious mind.

Each and every week, we will release 50 limiting beliefs and download 50 new empowering ones, having a direct impact in your life!

This is powerful work where we dig deep into your experiences.

I teach you how to quickly rewire the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

You gain a deep understanding of:

You become empowered to:

As a result you will:

♦️ How your subconscious mind works, and how limiting beliefs are created

​♦️ Why you hold onto limiting beliefs, and how to rewire your mind to release them

​♦️ The power of thoughts and language (and how they shape your reality)

♦️ Discover who you really are underneath the masks you put on to protect yourself, and how to safely take these masks off

​♦️ Start seeing a direct impact in your life. I have seen students quickly attract more income, new clients, make difficult decisions such as moving countries, meet soulmates and attract new job proposals

​♦️ Identify, work towards, and achieve your goals - day in and day out, like clockwork.

♦️ See direct changes in the real world around you. By changing your underlying beliefs, you change your behaviour, which in turn changes your reality

​♦️ Access your subconscious mind with ease and support. You’ll experience for yourself the ability to identify your limiting beliefs and past experiences, and how to reframe them in a matter of minutes

​♦️ Cut through your old story to awaken a greater version of self. Discover a better version of yourself and start seeing the world around you with new eyes.



How The Program Works:

This is a eight-week group coaching program to awaken 
your feminine superpowers.

♦️ Through a combination of self-study modules, group coaching sessions, subconscious clearing sessions, worksheets, exercises and a private community, you’ll learn how to completely transform any area of your life so you can live the life of your dreams. 

♦️ Each Monday you unlock the training materials for the topic we’ll be diving into that week.  At the end of the week, we get together for a 2 hour coaching call where I help you integrate what you’ve learned that week and you get live deep personalized subconscious mind reframing 

♦️ You also have the Facebook community on hand at all times, which is your space to ask questions as they come up, and connect with the women going through the journey alongside you.

Eight Modules Of Expert Teaching 
(50 Hours of In-Depth Training)

These are my personal techniques and tools for development and transformation based on what I’ve learned and applied over 20 years of self-development with the best mentors in the industry.

The videos break down step-by-step how to follow my processes and techniques to empower you to take control of your own thoughts and destiny.

You can dip back into this training at any time in the future, as you have LIFETIME ACCESS. 

Bonus Reflection and Integration Material

Reflection is one of the key pillars in this program, and so each module of training comes with its own stack of bonus materials. 

These are in the form of worksheets, checklists, cheat-sheets...everything you need to truly learn and integrate each step of this process.

These exercises and activities assist you to apply what you’re learning on a day-to-day basis, so that you’re truly making lasting change and achieving consistent growth. 

Unique And Proven 
Tools and Techniques

The tools I share in this program are a mix of resources you may be familiar with as well as techniques that are new to you. 

Whether or not you’ve invested in self-development previously, my techniques are uniquely put together in a way that’s more powerful than you may have experienced in the past.

You’ll learn how to apply what I teach in a way that’s not just theory, but grounded in practical steps that you integrate into your daily routine. 

This means you’re not just getting quick wins during your time in the program, but you learn these skills for life. 

Unlimited Access To Your Own Membership Area 

All of your training is housed in a membership area that gives you unlimited access to these resources. 

You have the flexibility to listen to the videos as many times as you need to, or to catch up on sessions that you can’t make during the program.
You can come back at any time to relearn and reapply the lessons, all in an easy-to-navigate online membership area. 

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week we meet for a two-hour coaching session. This is your opportunity to receive personalized coaching and feedback from me.

These calls are a deep-dive into what you’re learning and implementing each week, where I support and guide you to implement and absorb what you’re learning.

Hot Seat Sessions

On each coaching call there will be one or two Hot Seat sessions. 

If you choose to apply for this Hot Seat session, I will do an on-hand coaching session to re-release the limiting belief.

These sessions are perfect if during a particular week you’re finding that you’re not quite able to do it by yourself. 

You don’t have to be in the hot seat to get the benefit of this session however, because everyone who is on the call receives the benefit in their subconscious mind. 

This is the wonderful power of this type of group work.
But if you want more of this direct coaching, to bring you the biggest impact as quickly as possible, you can upgrade to the VIP package (a bit more on that later…)


During the course of the program, you’re invited to our private community for clients only.
This is a safe space to connect with the other ambitious women who are on the same journey as you.

You’ll have fun, meet lifelong friends, and benefit from the power of community - supporting each other along the journey and inspiring you to take bolder moves.

It’s also a space for you to reach out to me with questions that come up, and where I can support and guide you through the work.

This is my unique 8-step methodology to learn how to take power and ownership of your mind. When you take control of your mind, there are no limits to the transformation you see in your life.

Week 1 - Essence: Know Who You Are

Your beliefs, your thoughts, your identities and your programming are all learned behaviour. From the moment you were born, you’ve been creating an identity based on feedback from the world around you - your parents, pressures from society, and your life experiences.

But you’re more than the sum of all this learned behaviour.
This first step of the Thrive Framework is the foundation for everything else you’ll learn on this program.

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

🔴 How to uncover your real identity and connect with your soul - you’ll learn how you formed limiting beliefs in the first place, and why they aren’t the real essence of YOU. 

🔴 You have been protecting yourself your whole life with masks. Learn what they are, how they’re impacting your life, and how to safely take them off.

🔴 How to maximise your unique qualities and values. Once you identify these, you'll see your potential for success skyrocket.

🔴 Learn my proven technique to set powerful intentions for the day, so that you maximise your own happiness and success.

🔴  Identify your top 50 limiting beliefs, and discover how we’ll be working on releasing all of them during our time together.

🔴  Discover the superpowers that have been within you the whole time and how to let them OUT!

🔴  ​The ANSWER to the highly-debated question: “Why am I never satisfied?”

Get ready to completely rethink how you approach goal-setting.
Most ambitious women automatically THINK they understand their goals... 
but they rarely do the deep subconscious work to make it happen!

Learn how to pinpoint your true missions and goals, and identify what YOU really want for your life and yourself. 

Week 2: Mission - Envision Your Mission

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

⚪️ One of the most powerful visualisation tools in all of personal development and how to properly use it to quickly & easily identify what it is you really want!

⚪️ How to redesign your goals from the inside out (and actually feel satisfied when you achieve them)

⚪️ How to create a vision that lights you up with fulfillment and passion (without feeling pressure or overwhelmed).

⚪️ The secret to IMMEDIATELY manifest what you want…. (even if you don’t know what you want or how to achieve it). Do this right from the beginning and watch as everything you’ve ever wanted appears in front of you.

⚪️ You’ll learn a fun (and little known) way to identify your limiting beliefs.

⚪️ Connect directly with your subconscious mind (and discover for your yourself this powerful and life-changing experience).

Week 3: Obstacles: Clear Your Roadblocks

Roadblocks are the beliefs and thoughts that are getting in the way of you realising your full potential.

By clearing the roadblocks and removing the beliefs that are holding you back, you think clearer, take better actions, make better decisions and achieve better results. 

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

🔴 How to identify the obstacles that have stopped you achieving what you really want for most of your life (and how to then clear them so you can realise your full potential)

🔴 Understand how your subconscious mind works, and how to uncover the core foundational beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

🔴 ​Discover the main limiting belief that is driving every step you take and the results you achieve. Eliminate this core belief, and watch as the roadblocks disappear.

🔴 Learn how to understand the messages that your emotions are telling you. Once you access this internal compass, you’ll never need to look outside yourself for validation again.

🔴 The reason why you and many women like you struggle to break out of the vicious cycle of self-sabotage (and how to release yourself from this cycle once and for all)

🔴 ​The ONE simple word in your vocabulary that is holding you back from achieving everything you’ve ever wanted. Once you become aware of this, you’ll look at life through a completely different lens.

In order to unlock your true potential, it’s vital to master all the relationships in your life - romantic, family, friendships and work colleagues. 

The quality of the relationships you have with the key people in your life directly affects how you’re feeling, which in turn affects your ability to achieve success. 

This module answers ALL questions you have around your relationships, including many questions you may never have actually asked yourself.

Week 4 - People: Mastering Your Relationships

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

⚪️ Unlock the secret to fulfilling relationships with the people around you - your family, friends and colleagues - and discover how to initiate new dynamics with these people.

⚪️ If you find yourself attracting people in your life who hold you back instead of lift you up - you’ll learn why this is happening, and how to break that pattern.

⚪️ The most important relationship to master is your relationship with YOURSELF. Reconnect with yourself to feel aligned and connected as you manifest your goals. 

⚪️ Learn my powerful Emotional Intelligence Communication Techniques. When you improve the quality of your communication, you improve the quality of your life. 

⚪️ Six questions to ask yourself when communicating with others to get the BEST result for everyone.

⚪️ ​The strategic way to deal with MEN that will make every situation a win-win! 

Week 5 - Work: Career

Discover how to leverage your new beliefs to take your career or business to the next level (without clashing with colleagues, pushing too hard or burning yourself out).

When implemented correctly, you’ll MULTIPLY your results and outcomes, without having to do any extra work!

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

🔴 Learn the truth of power dynamics, and how you can shift the balance back in your favour.

🔴 Use your natural empathy to move forward in your career.

🔴 ​Learn where your true power comes from (it’s not what most people instinctively believe). You’ll then learn to harness your power for leadership and growth.

🔴 Learn practical exercises to reconnect with your true and authentic self.

🔴 ​​The biggest “career-killing” mistakes many women make when trying to level up their career using their feminine power (and what to do instead).

🔴 The four levels of conscious leadership and how to tap into them to grow your career or business. Once you learn these four levels you’ll never look at your boss or team in the same way again.

🔴 ​A step by step breakdown of h​ow to effortlessly attract new opportunities.

Learn how to turn your newly uncovered superpowers into wealth and achieve financial independence and stability. 

Unlock hundreds of limiting beliefs preventing you from stepping in full abundance in all areas of your life

Week 6 - Wealth: Unlock Your Wealth

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

⚪️ Release 100 of your unconscious limiting beliefs regarding wealth, and reframe your brain by downloading 100 new and empowering beliefs.

⚪️ My powerful 4C Framework - learn the four most important steps you need to take to unleash your potential.

⚪️ ​​How to gain razor sharp clarity on the next step to take to open up opportunities for growth (whether you’re employed or running your own business).

⚪️ Discover the top three roadblocks to wealth, and how to dismantle the limiting beliefs around these roadblocks.

⚪️ Discover how to clear specific power blocks or wealth creation blocks (these are the most expensive blocks installed in most women by default).

⚪️ ​Reconnect with abundance and wealth, and finally understand what is preventing you from attracting and keeping money. 

Week 7 - Envision: Play The Bigger Game

This is perhaps the most valuable module in this entire course.
You take a deep-dive into the strategies that have proven to be MOST effective in taking your life vision to the next level.  

Then learn how to apply them directly to your life, to take yourself to the next level and achieve your stretch goals. 

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

🔴 How to use your new level of awareness to envision your new future and your full potential.

🔴 Three powerful questions to ask yourself in order to reconnect with your purpose and your WHY. 

🔴 ​​​​How to replicate this process every year so you can continue to strive and achieve with no limits.

🔴 The concept of Divine Timing and how to utilise this to get the best results for you.

🔴 ​​The five-minute strategy to connect with your intentions and embody gratitude for your achievements (before they even happen).

🔴 Understand the unconscious fears that sabotage you and prevent you fulfilling your life mission, and learn how to work through these fears.

Your actions are the most important tool at your disposal. 
At any given time, you have the power to set a goal, implement a strategy and get the desired result. 

In this module, you’ll learn one of the most powerful visualization & action planning methods in the world today - and finally be able to confidently get exactly what you want, when you want.

Week 8 - Reach: Take Inspired Action

Here's Some Of What You'll Learn In This Module:

⚪️ My proven Goal Setting technique that gets results 97% of the time.

⚪️ The seven key areas to focus on when establishing your action plan (that keep you going when things get tough!).

⚪️ ​​How to spot if you’re falling back into the B.S and how to get out of it quickly and easily! 

⚪️ ​​The one powerful driver for keeping you motivated and inspired to stick to your action plan. 



If you want extra direct support from me while you navigate your journey, I have 5 spots for a VIP upgrade.

What’s included:

🔴 Two VIP breakthrough sessions (90 minutes of 1:1 coaching which you can take any time throughout the program)

🔴 24 hour support through WhatsApp - it’s like support on-tap with me in your pocket 



Hi I'm Eva

Throughout my career I’ve seen women believing they were never good enough, never smart enough, never ready for the next role (while men happily put themselves forward). 

I have seen them struggling, trying to be perfect in all areas of their lives, being a good mum, a good wife, a great professional, an amazing friend…and getting exhausted…and most of the time forgetting themselves along the way.

I felt this way too. And I almost lost myself along the way....

I will never forget the day I woke up and felt that I had no more feelings. There was no feeling of connection anymore. I was doing more and more every day and it was never enough. Everything was a struggle.

I started a new journey of conscious self-discovery, uncovering mind programs, patterns and beliefs which were limiting instead of empowering me. 

I began to understand the misconceptions of the feminine and masculine powers. 

I invested in my self-development, which was the best investment I could have done in my life. 

I’ve been trained by:

Tony Robbins #1Life and business strategist,
Viana Stibal founder of Theta healing® 

Brandon Bays founder of The Journey method

Kevin Billet founder of the Visionary leadership Academy

John Grinder founder of NLP

Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP

Joe Dispensa

Joe Vitale

and many others…

These and other elements are all the skills I now share to support women in rising up their

Looking forward to supporting you.

With love

Eva Martins

What Makes This Different To Other ‘Mindset’ Programs Out There?

This program is a deep dive into your subconscious mind in a way you have never experienced before.

Thrive With No BS is the culmination of the 15 years I’ve spent learning from the best in the world about NLP, mindset, quantum physics, science, and cellular reprogramming.
I’ve taken these tools and created a unique methodology that teaches my clients how to dig deep into the mental and emotional parts of their being.

You learn how to apply these tools and techniques to your day-to-day experience, so you’re integrating what you learn in easy, practical and useful steps. 
Beyond the practicalities of the course, I create a powerful connection and bond with my clients. 

MY superpower is an ability to read your brain better than anybody else, putting into words what you sense but have never been able to articulate and discover.

I fully commit and you will feel this. You’ll know I’m with you and supporting you, even when you uncover parts of you that feel uncomfortable. 

The reason I signed up for Eva’s program was because...there was no way after experiencing the work that she does, that I couldn't sign up. Her heart is really in this work, she's so dedicated. She's able and willing to really go deep, and to figure out the things that are going on that are holding you back

Tiffany Lopez

Paying It Forward

When you join Thrive with no BS, you’re directly supporting some of the most impoverished children in the world.

10% of the revenue from this program goes directly to The Cambodian Children’s Fund - supporting these children who are in need of love, education and support. 

Together we can make a difference to the lives of these children.

Overview Of What You Get


  • How much time do I need to dedicate to the program to get results?

The video training and exercises each week should only take you 2 to 3 hours a week depending how long you want to take to go through the exercises. You have life time access to it so no rush, do it at your own pace. Our weekly coaching calls are two hours. 

  • I’m not sure now is the right time. I’m too busy with work/life/family

I understand that you’re feeling busy and overwhelmed. But when is going to be the right time? Is there ever a right time? 
The longer you put other people’s priorities before your own, the longer you're hurting them as well as yourself. 

A key part of what you’ll discover in this program is how powerful it is for your loved ones when you are in control of your own mind. 
When you start transforming how you feel, you start transforming your reality. 

If you’re reading this today, it’s because you know that something needs to change, and the sooner you tap into your potential, the sooner everyone around you benefits. 

  • Can I get recordings if I can’t attend the course calls live?

Yes the program is designed whether you can attend live or not, and call recording will always be posted right away. You can always ask questions through the Facebook group and get all the support you need.

  • Can I speed up the process and go even deeper?

Yes you can with the VIP package and get all the support you need

  • I live outside of Europe. How does the course work for women in different time zones?

I am glad you asked this question. The group is an international community of women from all over the world. If the timing of the call does not work for you (every Thursday at 6pm CET), that’s no problem. You will have access to the recording shortly after the call in the members area.

  • Do you have a payment plan?

Yes we do. You can pay in 3 or 6 monthly payments for the VIP program: Eu 537/ mth for 6 months. Contact my team for more information at

  • Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, I do record the sessions in Zoom and you will have access to the recordings in the members area so you can listen to them as many times as you want.

  • Are the sessions face to face?

The sessions are online through Zoom.

For how long can I access the recordings?
You can access the recording within one year, so lots of time to go back, listen again and again to deepen the learnings and increase the impact in your life.

Choose your payment plan



Read this Carefully

Thrive With No BS 8 week program has no refund policy. I believe it would help you find excuses for not taking action, for waiting for others to solve your problems. If it is what you would expect, then this package is not for you.
Thrive With No BS 8 week program is packed full of value, but you need to be willing to take action, to trust the process, to step up and be fully open to your inner transformation. It is the only way to unlock your life.