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There is so much noise around us…#COVID, stocks crashing down, companies suffering, governments freaking out, others not following quarantine instructions, people being stuck at home, loved ones sick, others not resisting the virus…doubts…fears…anxiety…not knowing what to do, …living in our turbulent minds…

We have a choice to decide the meaning we give it….is it the end of the world we knew or the beginning of something even greater? Do you give in into fear or you chose to focus on the opportunities…it all depends on what we decide to focus on. The minute we decide to focus on something we give it a meaning and infuse it with emotions, which dictates our inner state and ultimately the way we see life…it all depends if you believe life happens to us or for us.

By deciding to focus on where you can have a positive impact and serve the best interest of all and by doing something bigger than yourself, by serving others in need, it builds your sense of value, your confidence and your fearlessness…it trains your mind to focus on what’s really important.

By understanding other’s fears, stress, anxiety with kindness, by listening to it, by supporting others, by connecting digitally, by giving your time and your words of wisdom, it helps bring more clarity, closeness and harmony. Refocusing on what is really important, training our minds on where we can make a positive contribution to others, helps all of us feel connected, supported.

Clarity and gratefulness are the antidotes to fear and anxiety…it brings a new sense of freedom, freedom to choose the meaning we give to events…is it the end of the world or is it the beginning of a new era?

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