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4 levels of Conscious Leadership

The only limitations are the mental constructs we agree on and impose ourselves. As we are able to detach ourselves from our reality we gain the power of clarity, clarity to see the dynamics happening, clarity to see the construct of our own ego.

To be an inspiring and engaging leader we need first to lead our own self.

There are 4 levels of conscious leadership.

The first one is victimhood. We all know it too well as we have all been there. We give up our own power to others, to our management, colleagues, circumstances, external events and fall into victimhood. We believe there is no exit, that it is the fault of others, we do not see possibilities but only limitations until something happens and we decide to interrupt the pattern.

The second level is the stage of empowerment. We gain self-confidence and understand we have the power to speak up, contribute, and add value…simply because we value ourselves more. We feel like wonder women or superman, we believe we can do everything. We learn the power of our mind and how to control it. We start understanding the power of our thoughts & believes and the impact it has in our reality. It is life changing but we still have the uncovered need to control our existence in order to be happy, control ourselves, our mind…

The 3rd level is let go and trust! We feel empowered and know how to control our mind and ego, we also start understanding that actually you cannot control the circumstances and others and that actually there is no need for it because you trust! Trust yourself, trust others, trust that things happen for a reason and that your job is to uncover the lesson and understand the why behind. Trust that we are all capable independently of the hierarchy level. It is when you step beyond the labels of positive and negative. It is when you understand that it is all about the meaning we give to things and the emotions attached to it. It is when you are able to detach yourself from your reality and see the life lessons with self-appreciation and self-growth and you act on it. It is when as a leader you able to truly let go of controlling and micromanaging your teams and trust they are doing their best.

The 4th level is when you let go of your own needs to a higher cause, a higher purpose, bigger than you. It is when you contribute to a better community and forget your own ego. It is when you put your team needs and happiness before your own. It is when your soul is truly fed by the contribution you bring to others, your team, your company. It is not in sacrifice; you are truly feeling fulfilled by the impact you are having in other’s success. It is about the small things; about the smile you see it them thanks to you. That’s when you are stepping into the servant leader inside of you doing everything you can to empower your team and putting their success beyond yours.

A nice self reflection when we cannot go outside but have time to go inside of us and understand where to move forward...

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