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January 15th, 3 PM CET

Even if you feel it is impossible

Join us for a FREE Workshop to learn the same methodology hundreds of students have used with 97% success rate to: 

  • Enjoy 2022 as your best year yet
  • Achieve your goals with ease
  • ​Make your subconscious mind work for you and not against you!

Successful women all have one thing in common. They have learned how to overcome their BS to feel free, fulfilled and joyful everyday.

During this FREE WORKSHOP, I want you to unlock the power of  CLARITY, knowing exactly what you want in order to manifest it starting in 2022

Here's What You Will Learn On This Workshop:

The same skills I use for many years and which have proven to be superpowerful year after year. 
Learn the power of clarity pushing your subconscious mind towards your wildest dreams!

Clear Your blocks
Understand which is blocking you! We will release together any inner conflict, roadblock, fear towards achieving your goals! 

This part of the workshop is worth millions...I actually manifested millions through this same method! 

Let’s have fun together and finalize with the creation of a powerful Vision Board which will refocus your

 subconscious mind towards what you want to achieve on the day to day!

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I’m the founder of THRIVE with noBS, where I’ve guided hundreds of women back to their true selves. 

I teach methods I’ve learnt over my own journey of self-discovery. 

I will never forget the day I woke up and felt that I had no more feelings. There was no feeling of connection anymore. I was doing more and more every day and it was never enough. Everything was a struggle.

And so I invested in myself. 
I prioritized my self-development, and learned how to turn 
my limiting beliefs into empowering transformational tools.

Since then, I’ve been trained by:

Tony Robbins #1Life and business strategist,
Viana Stibal founder of Theta healing® 

Brandon Bays founder of The Journey method

Kevin Billet founder of the Visionary leadership Academy

John Grinder founder of NLP

Richard Bandler co-founder of NLP

Joe Dispensa

Joe Vitale

and many others…

My mission is to create a movement where women believe in their superpowers, and have the confidence to step up and change the world.

Are you ready to take the first step to unleash your greatest self and create the fulfilling life that you truly want? If so…

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"Oh my God, I have already achieved 50% of my goals and we are only in May..."

Lara Lorthiois

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