"Change in the World comes from individuals, from the inner peace in individual hearts. just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the action of individuals can have far-reahing effects." Dalai Lama

Passionate About Inspiring Others

All my life I have rejected my true feminine power until I understood its true nature,

until I understood I was disconnecting with myself, my true self. I understood that

the more I was pushing my power away the more I was pushing away money,

love, happiness, true relationships, fulfillment, feeling connected with life,

being in the driver seat instead of the passenger...

I had to go through a self-discovery journey, lessons, challenges to understand it's true origins, identity, force, sensitivity...power, to understand the feminine and masculine potential in each other, in ourselves, how they complement each other, how they can uplift and empower each other instead of annihilating each other.


Being a strong corporate woman, a leader, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a friend is extremely challenging nowadays. Trying to be perfect in all areas of my life. Being a sensitive, receptive and guiding mother, empowering my children to be young and independent kids. Being a nice, caring wife, sacrificing myself almost all times. 

The environment is demanding, and you feel you need to be at your most every day. 

I might have lost myself along the way ....

and you might have done the same...

I had to destroy all of those foundations, expectations, old believes to be able to rediscover myself, my wishes, my passion, my own soul. It took me many years, many trainings such as The Journey, NLP, ThetaHealing, Tony Robbins Research coaching....have one it all:)...today I am a fulfilled woman, with a beautiful family, consciously balancing my feminine and masculine energy, a wonderful corporate career and flourishing entrepreneur with lots of creative ideas to contribute to a better world and I am here to support you in your career and all aspects of your life.

I am a catalyst for Change and a strategist to bring you Success and the Life of your dreams. I am here to empower you to take the right steps in your life, to support you in unleashing your real power. By identifying the deepest limiting beliefs, freeing them, and empowering you with the proper tools , I help you take action in pursuit of your goals, ambitions and dreams. Revealing the truth of who you are, and shining it to the world!

Life's too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled — so what’s holding you back? Let me help you learn better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your pursuits.​

I’ve been working for nearly a decade as a certified life success coach who specializes in helping individuals reach their full potential.


The essence of my work is to facilitate as much self-growth as possible. I work closely with all of my clients to pinpoint personal setbacks, self-sabotage and help them overcome them in trust and confidence.

Do you have a vision for your life? 

Have you reached your Dream life? What is preventing you from living your dream?

What can I do for you?

  • Identify your goals and define how your Success looks like

  • Identifying limiting beliefs and replace them with empowering believes

  • Identify your deepest fears which are preventing you from reaching your dream life

  • Working toward your financial freedom

  • Achieving work/life balance

  • Learning to communicate with more impact and effectively

  • Fostering more powerful connections professionally and personally

  • Winning promotions and manifest your dream job

  • Achieving weight loss and/or fitness goals

  • Starting a new business or growing an existing one

  • Managing an important life or business transition

  • Articulating your core values








I have been working as a Fortune 500 executive in a male dominated industry for the last 20 years, managing thousands of people, having to step up as a strong and empowered leader in a men's world and reaching the top. I have an extraordinary passion to leave a legacy for women.

I have a vast background in self development, motivational speaking, wining styles and life coaching, Visionary Leadership, conscious communication, working in the field for years. I transform the lives of my clients by changing their limiting believes, deepest fears. they become unstoppable, reaching their goals, dreams

Life is simply too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled — so what’s holding you back? Let's tackle the source of your problems together once and for all. Let me help you learn better ways to handle the issues that are standing in the way of your pursuits. Let me show you why you have challenges in your life and which are the limiting believes so we can free them once and for all. Get in touch with me today.

Dreams are nothing you see in your sleep,

Dreams are things preventing you from sleeping

  • Tony Robbins Platinum member

  • Certified Tony Robbins coach

  • Certified NLP and ICF coach

  • Winning Styles - Bill Young

  • Conscious communication - Kevin Billet

  • Visionary Leadership - Kevin Billet

  • Emotional Coach

  • Life Coach

  • Journey Method - Brandon Bays

  • Theta Healing - Viana Stable

  • Research in Quantum physics

  • Female Leadership Program

  • Interpersonal & Organizational Development Certificate

  • 10 years of life coaching experience

  • 20 years as Fortune 500 Executive

  • Trained hundreds of people

  • Coached over 1000 clients 

  • Work seen by over 5,000 people

  • International Speaker

  • Recognized Transformation leader