Hey I'm Eva! 

#1 and International Best Selling Author, Senior Corporate Leader, Success Coach, Trainer, Entrepreneur,  International Speakers and Business Consultant.

I inspire and empower women who have hit that ceiling find their true potential with my no BS coaching and trainings so that they can skyrocket their life and dreams. 

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In THRIVE with noBS, you get the personalized support you need during the transformational 8-week program with powerful content, transformational exercises, and a deep reconnection with your subconscious mind! 
(Never seen in any other program!!!) 

THRIVE is designed to transform your life from within and see a breakthrough 
in your relationships, wealth, career, and self-development.

Reframing your BS and resurfacing your inner potential are the main 
objectives of this life-changing program.

Transformational Leadership

I am a Catalyst for Change and a strategist to bring you Success and the life of your dreams. I am here to empower you to take the right steps in your life, to support you in unleashing your real power. 

By identifying the deepest limiting beliefs, freeing them, and empowering you with the proper tools, I help you take action in pursuit of your goals, ambitions and dreams. Revealing the truth of who you are, and shining it to the world!

Unlock Your Access To One of My FREE Resources to Empower your self.
Stop Believing 
the B.S -  first chapter. 
This book brings your clarity in what you want to achieve ...making it happen fast!

Which is your core? Do you have more feminine energy or masculine energy? Quiz

Regardless of gender, we all have both masculine and feminine energy. Our core energy reflects our inner nature and values.
Change Your Inner Beliefs Change Your Life
Top 10 Limiting Beliefs Preventing you from thriving in Life

Let's hear from some incredible female entrepreneurs  who have been doing it too!

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The Global Women Leadership Academy aspires to inspire and empower women to find their true essence and potential to skyrocket their life and dreams

Learn Life skills to break
through Your Self Imposed

Empower Yourself taking
the lead of your own Life
acquiring advance skills &
with support Community

Unleash Your Own Power &
Co-create Your Life

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